February 12th, 2020 Photo Shoot


Junior is enjoying singles awareness day here at the shelter. He really doesn’t mind shelter life because he’s so easy going. He’s grown up here with us so really, it’s all he knows. If you could show him what true love is, we bet he would be forever grateful. You don’t have to be alone and neither does he! We are open all day! Ask for Junior!



Kyle is such a fun little guy! He loves other dogs and loves people. He isn’t too big and he isn’t small either. Honestly, we’d say he’s just about perfect! Other people may have overlooked him but you don’t have to miss out! He’s at 1150 John Overton Drive patiently waiting on you to be his valentine!


Can you believe this handsome guy has been with us for 180 days?!? We can’t imagine his looks have had anything to do with it. Tony is an active boy and he is considered a big dog. If someone could offer a little bit of patience and a lot of love, Tony could very easily be the perfect pet!


 Avery looked a bit unimpressed during her Valentines Day photo shoot. She’s been featured in so many photos for so many holidays, so we understand the idea has lost her interest. Spending time with her doggy friends at the shelter always puts a bit of pep back in her step. You know what would really make her happy? A forever home!!! If you could provide one, she would be so excited!