Home Projects


*Have a supply drive in your neighborhood

*Collect cat and dog toys (hard plastic and “bleachable”)

* Sort newspapers: remove slick ads, odd sized pages & single sheets.  Open up a double sheet and stack them with all seams facing the same way.  When stack reaches about 2 inches, fold over and start a new stack.  Great activity to do while watching television.

*Make a cat bed:  Cut sleeves off old, clean t-shirt.  Turn inside out and sew up the bottom hem to close it.  Turn inside out and stuff with poly batting.  Stitch neck area closed.  This makes a cozy, washable bed.

*Tie fleece blanket:

Tools: scissors or rotary cutter, mat, ruler

Materials: ½ yard of 2 different colors/patterns of polar fleece

Project Tip:  Cut both layers of fleece at same time

Instructions: Layer pieces of fleece.  Cut 4.5” squares of layered pieces at each corner. To make fringe, cut 4.5 “ into fleece at 1” intervals around all 4 sides of layered pieces.  Knot fringe pieces together, using one strand from top and one from bottom.  Continue around until all fringe pieces are tied together.

(For clearer instructions, you can Google “tied fleece blanket” or check Youtube.)


Student must document hours as they occur.  Submit to Volunteer Coordinator, Cindy Chapman.       cindychapman@montgomeryhumane.com