Foster Medical Program

The Foster Medical Program was created for shelter animals who are diagnosed with a medical condition that needs to be addressed before the adoption can be finalized.  Medical conditions include but are not limited to:

-Heartworm Disease
-Demodectic Mange
-Traumatic Injury
-Luxating Patella
-Hip Dysplasia
-Kennel Cough

Medical Foster shelter animals that have NOT been spayed/neutered are available to Montgomery City/County residents only since the shelter needs to maintain jurisdiction over these animals until they can be altered.

Medical Foster animals that are already spayed/neutered are available to both City/County Residents and non-City/County residents.

Instead of networking for a traditional, short-term Foster Parent who would bring the pet back after medical treatment and not adopt, we try to find Foster Parents who have the Intent of adopting the animal they are medically fostering.  This allows the medical foster pet to leave the stressful shelter environment FUREVER! and go home right away to his furever home.

Foster Medical Foster Parents agree to bring their foster in for all medical appointments and their spay/neuter appointment, if applicable.  Once medical treatments and spay/neuter are completed, the adoption is finalized.  If you are interested in becoming a Foster Medical Foster Parent, please click here to apply.

Shelter animals that are available through our Foster Medical Program are posted to our Adoptable Pets Facebook Page.

This program is administered by the Montgomery Humane Society’s Adoption Center.  For more information call 334-409-0622, option 2, or email


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