Animal Intake

If you have found a stray dog or cat, consider helping the shelter’s overpopulation problem by fostering the pet through our Friendly Finders Foster Program.  Chances are the location where you found the pet is close to his furever home and you will be able to reunite him with his family. Stray animals entering the shelter are at very high risk of euthanasia due to illness and overcrowding.

Please consider rehoming your dog or cat as opposed to surrendering him to the shelter by using a pet rehoming website such as Home-To-Home,, or Dogs and cats that enter an animal shelter are at very high risk of euthanasia due to illness and overcrowding.

If you have found unweaned kittens, Leave Them Be! Watch for mom for at least 10 hours before bringing them to the shelter. Their best chance of survival is with their mom. Click here for more information.

If you have found weaned kittens, Wait ‘Til 8! Kittens under 8-weeks-old and 2 pounds are not adoptable because they can’t be fixed. Please foster them until they are 8 weeks and 2 pounds before you bring them to the shelter. Contact our Foster Team for supplies and information you may need at

If you are a Montgomery City/County resident having difficulty caring for your pet and would prefer to keep your pet but need help doing so, you may apply for our Pet Resources/Intervention Program.  The program assists with pet food, vet bills, behavior training, pet deposits, dog houses and more.

An appointment is required to surrender your pet or drop off a stray.

The Montgomery Humane Society is an open-admission shelter accepting any animal from Montgomery City/County including the very elderly, ill, aggressive, or injured.

The shelter does not accept owner surrender animals or stray animals from outside Montgomery County.

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