Lost And Found

Stray animals from the City of Montgomery or Montgomery County that have been brought in by the public or an Animal Control Officer are placed in our Lost and Found facility located on the premises of the Montgomery Humane Society at 1150 John Overton Drive, Montgomery, AL 36110.

If you have lost or found a dog or cat, please notify the shelter immediately by completing a Lost And Found Form.

If you have found a pet, consider helping the shelter’s overpopulation problem by fostering the pet for a few days and placing a Found Dog/Cat sign in your yard.  Chances are, the location where you found the pet is close to his furever home and you will be able to reunite him with his family.

If you need to bring the found pet to the shelter, an appointment is required. Click here to request an appointment.

Lost Pet Information

Our Lost and Found Department is open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


For more information, call 334-409-0622, extension 209 or email lostandfound@montgomeryhumane.com.

Current Stray Animals


These are the current stray pets at the Montgomery Humane Society found in either the City of Montgomery, Alabama or Montgomery County Alabama.  It is ALWAYS recommended that you come to the shelter in person to look for your pet.  If it is not your pet, please do not contact the shelter about them.  All pets are held on a stray hold required by the city or county, depending on where they were found.  If you think one of these is your lost pet, please contact the shelter at 334-409-0622 ext. 209 or email lostandfound@montgomeryhumane.com.

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