Adoption Ambassador Program

If you’re looking for a way to make a difference in the life of an animal in need, consider becoming an Adoption Ambassador with the Montgomery Humane Society! Our program is designed to help our shelter animals find loving homes by providing them with a temporary foster family.

As an Adoption Ambassador, you will take an animal into your home for a period of time and provide them with love, attention, and care. During this time, you will also act as an advocate for your foster animal, promoting them on social media and at local events to help them find their forever home.

Our program is a win-win for both the animal and the foster family. Not only do our animals get to experience life outside of the shelter and receive personalized attention, but our Ambassadors also get the joy of knowing they played a crucial role in finding their foster pet a loving home.

Our program is open to individuals or families from the River Region who can provide a safe, loving environment for our animals. We provide all necessary supplies, including food, toys, and veterinary care, and we offer ongoing support to our Adoption Ambassadors to ensure a successful and rewarding experience.

Join the Montgomery Humane Society’s Adoption Ambassador program and make a difference in the life of a shelter animal today! Get started by completing a Foster Application or email for more information. Network with MHS Foster Families by joining our foster Facebook group, Friendly Fosters of MHS.

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