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Spay and Neuter

The Alabama Animal Alliance Spay/Neuter Clinic opened a groundbreaking facility in October 2007 to combat our area’s severe pet overpopulation problem. It is well known that there are far too many healthy, adoptable dogs and cats than there are responsible homes for them. As a result, everyday animals are euthanized in area shelters or left to fend for themselves along our county roads. The Alabama Animal Alliance Spay/Neuter Clinic is the State of Alabama’s first high-quality, high-volume, affordable spay/neuter clinic. Founded solely to reduce the number of unwanted animals in Alabama, the clinic provides affordable spay/neuter services to the dogs and cats of Alabama. Since opening, the clinic’s veterinarians have performed more than 100,000 surgeries.

For more information, call 334-239-PETS (7387) or visit the Alabama Animal Alliance Spay/Neuter Clinic now at

What is Spay and Neuter?

Spay and neuter are terms that refer to the surgical procedures that prevent animals from reproducing. Female animals are spayed and male animals are neutered. Commonly referred to as “fixing” or being “fixed”, dogs and cats that are spayed or neutered are unable to produce puppies or kittens.


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Affordable Spay & Neuter Services

Why Should I Spay and Neuter My Pets?

More than 5,500 animals are brought to the Montgomery Humane Society each year. Sadly, less than 60% of these animals are adopted. As a result, animals are needlessly euthanized. This pet overpopulation problem is not unique to Montgomery, Alabama, but rather exists across the United States.
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