Lost Dog Tips


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  1. As soon as possible go to the Montgomery Humane Society and fill out a missing dog report and bring a picture to go in back kennel and intake.  We are located at 1150 John Overton Drive.  That is off Congressman Dickinson Drive and across the street from Gunter. We are open seven days a week 10-5. Our phone number is 334-409-0622.
  2. Look in the immediate area of your home first then, broaden your search to neighbors and the neighborhood.
  3. Alert your neighbors.  Check their yards, garages, or sheds to make sure your dog has not become trapped and can’t get out.  Take a powerful flashlight with you even in the daylight hours so you can search dark places.
  4. Leave the dog’s bedding, a favorite toy, a pair of your smelly socks, or a dirty jogging suit outside.  Dogs have a strong sense of smell and may be attracted back to your home by familiar smells.
  5. Walk through your neighborhood calling the dog.  If you have another dog at home, bring him along.  Dogs are social animals and may come running when they see or hear their “friend.”  If your dog has a squeaker toy that he plays with, take it with you and squeak it as you go.  Also treat or food bags opening or rattling may attract his attention.  If you see your dog, DO NOT CHASE him.  Try coaxing him to you with food or treats and then put a leash on him.
  6. Put up posters as soon as possible.  At the top in large letters put LOST DOG.  Be sure you have a large color picture of the dog with a description, the area the dog went missing, the date the dog went missing, and your phone number.  If possible laminate the posters so that if it rains they will not be destroyed.
  7. Alert your vet and vets in the area that your dog is missing along with your name and phone number incase he is brought in.
  8. Animal Control brings all dogs picked up in the city to the Montgomery Humane Shelter. Call the shelter about your dog.
  9. Post a picture and information on the Facebook page “Lost and Found Pets—Montgomery.”  We monitor this page at the shelter and have been able to reunite several lost pets with their owners.
  10. When your pet has been found, please take down your posters so people can focus on those that are still lost.


Most importantly make sure you dog wears his collar with tags and identification and he is microchipped.  People are more likely to approach a dog they don’t know if it has on a collar and tags.  Without a collar most will assume the dog is a stray and might be unfriendly.

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