Lost Cat Tips


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  1. As soon as possible go to the Montgomery Humane Society and fill out a missing cat report and bring a picture to go in back kennel and intake.  We are located at 1150 John Overton Drive.   That is off Congressman Dickinson Drive and across the street from Gunter.  We are open 10-5 seven days a week.  Our phone number is 334-409-0622.
  2. Look in the immediate area of your home first.  Cats are territorial and will stay in their territory unless something scares them.  Cats are usually found within five houses of their home.
  3. Alert your neighbors.  Check their yards, garages or sheds to make sure your cat hasn’t become trapped and can’t get out.  Take a powerful flashlight with you even in the daylight hours so you can search in dark places.  You may be lucky enough to see the reflection of his or her eyes in the beam of light.
  4. Leave the cat’s litter box, bedding, a familiar toy, and some smelly fishy food outside after dark.  Most cats will not come out until it is quiet and dark in the neighborhood.  Eleven at night until five in the morning is the time the cat may venture out of its hiding place.
  5. Sit outside or walk slowly around your yard calling your cat after dark when all in quiet.  Be sure to listen after you call a few times to see if you hear him.  If your cat has a favorite treat take those with you.  Sometimes the sound of the rattling sack opening and closing will bring them out of hiding.
  6. Put up posters within a mile of your home.  At the top in large letters put LOST CAT.  Be sure you have a large color picture of the cat with a description, the area the cat went missing, the date the cat went missing, and your phone number.  If possible laminate the posters so that if it rains they will not be destroyed.  Put up posters as soon as possible. Don’t wait a few days hoping your cat will return.  You will have lost valuable time in locating him.
  7. Alert your vet and vets in the area that your cat is missing along with your name and number incase he is brought in.
  8. Animal Control does not pick up cats and any dogs that they pick up are brought to the Montgomery Humane Shelter.
  9. Post a picture and information on the Facebook page “Lost and Found Pets-Montgomery.”  We monitor this page at the shelter and have been able to reunite several lost pets with their owners.
  10. When your pet has been found, please take down your posters so people can focus on those that are still lost.

It would be helpful if your cat wore a collar with tags and identification and they are microchipped.  If someone sees an unfamiliar cat in their yard with no tags or even a collar they will assume it is a stray.  People are more willing to approach a cat that appears to belong to someone and try to help it find its owners.

One last idea for finding your missing cat.  If you have a baby monitor, put it out by the food and the cat’s bedding or litter box.  You will be able to see or at least hear who comes up to the food and you may be lucky enough to hear your cat.

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