Foster Program

The Montgomery Humane Society’s foster program is a wonderful way to help dogs and cats in need find loving homes. This program provides temporary care for dogs and cats who are waiting to be adopted, allowing them to receive the love, attention, and training they need to become happy, healthy pets. 

Foster families are caring and compassionate people who open their hearts and homes to dogs and cats in need. They provide a safe and comfortable environment, along with regular exercise, playtime, and socialization. Foster families also help with basic training, such as housebreaking and basic commands, which can make a big difference in the dog’s success in finding a permanent home.

In addition to helping shelter pets in need, fostering can be an incredibly rewarding experience for the families involved. Fostering allows families to experience the joy of having a pets in their lives, without the long-term commitment of pet ownership. It’s a great way to teach children about responsible pet ownership, and to give them the opportunity to learn about different breeds and personalities of dogs and cats.

If you’re considering fostering a pet, you can be confident that you’re making a positive difference in the life of a pet in need. By providing love, attention, and care, you’ll be helping a shelter pet to find a forever home where they can be happy and loved for years to come.

Get Started Fostering

Complete the Application

Complete this application to get started.

1.  Begin the foster process by completing a Foster Application.

2.  Upon approval, our Foster Team will contact you to make an appointment to meet your potential foster pet.

3.  Once you select the pet you would like to foster, the representative will provide foster supplies and complete the foster paperwork and you will be ready to take your new foster pet home.

4.  For more information about the MHS Foster Program, email or join our Facebook Group, Friendly Fosters of MHS.

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