Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. How do I adopt a pet from Montgomery Humane Society (MHS)?
Walk-Ins are welcomed. Pre-approved applications appreciated.

2. What are the adoption fees?
For the most current adoption fees, please call 334-409-0622 Option 2 and speak with an Adoptions Counselor or email adoptions@montgomeryhumane.com. You can also see our adoptable pets here: https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/adoptions/.

3. Can I see the animals available for adoption?
Yes! For dogs: https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/adoptions/adoptable-dogs/
For cats: https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/adoptions/adoptable-cats/
For barn cats: https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/adoptable-barn-cats/

Lost and Found Pets

4. I have lost my pet. What should I do?
Complete the Lost and Found Form at https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/lost-and-found-form/, search for your pet on our site at https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/lost-found/stray-animals/, and read our Lost and Found tips at https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/lost-found/.

5. I have found a pet. What should I do?
Follow the same steps as if you lost a pet, outlined in the previous answer. These resources can help reunite the found pet with their family.

Veterinary Care

6. I need to get my dog/cat vaccinated. Where can I do that?
For vaccinations, the Shelter Intervention Program can assist eligible residents with the rabies vaccination. Other options include local veterinary services and the Alabama Animal Alliance’s low-cost clinic. More information can be found at https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/shots/.

7. I need to get my pet spayed/neutered. What are my options?
You have multiple options, including the Alabama Animal Alliance for low-cost services, or if you’re eligible, the Shelter Intervention Program. More details are at https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/services/spay-and-neuter/.

Volunteer Opportunities

8. How do I volunteer with MHS?
Thank you for your interest! For information on our volunteer program, please visit https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/get-involved/volunteer-program/.

Additional Services

9. How does the Shelter Intervention Program work?
This program offers various supports, including behavior training, medical treatment, and more, to help keep pets with their families. Eligibility details are available at https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/services/shelter-intervention-program/.

10. What do I do if I find kittens or a stray animal?
For kittens, it’s best to leave them until they are old enough unless they are in immediate danger. For more guidance, visit https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/services/community-cats/found-kittens/. If you find a stray animal, consider the Friendly Finders Program or contact Animal Services for assistance. More information can be found at https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/animal-intake/.

Microchipping and Legal Compliance

11. How do I get my pet microchipped?
Montgomery mandates microchipping for dogs and cats over nine months. Visit https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/services/pet-microchipping/ for details on microchipping services. If you need financial assistance, the Shelter Intervention Program might help.

Surrendering Pets

12. How do I surrender my pet to the shelter?
For information on surrendering a pet, including scheduling an appointment, please visit https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/animal-intake/. Consider the Shelter Intervention Program as an alternative to surrender, offering various supports to help you keep your pet.

Fostering and Support Programs

13. How do I become a foster parent for pets?
To foster a pet and for information about the Foster Program, please visit https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/get-involved/foster-program/. This page also includes a link to the Foster Application.

14. What is the Friendly Finders Program?
If you’ve found a stray dog, the Friendly Finders Program allows you to foster the dog at your home through the stray hold period, giving the dog a better chance of finding a permanent home. More information is available at https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/friendly-finders-program/.

Animal Control and Welfare

15. How do I report a stray animal or animal abuse?
To report a stray animal, neglect, cruelty, abandonment, or dog fighting, please visit https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/services/animal-services/.

16. What should I do if I find a deceased animal?
The Montgomery Humane Society does not pick up deceased animals. Contact the City of Montgomery’s Sanitation Department at 334-241-2750 for assistance.

Community Cats and TNR Programs

17. How does the TNR Community Cat Program work?
For information on the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program, which is a humane approach to managing and reducing the feral cat population, visit https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/services/community-cats/community-cat-program/.

18. What is the Return-To-Field Program?
The Return-To-Field Program is part of the TNR effort, focusing on returning neutered cats to their original locations. For more information, visit https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/services/community-cats/return-to-field/.

Donations and Support

19. How can I donate to MHS?
Your donations are greatly appreciated and vital for our operations. To donate, please visit https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/donate/. This page includes information on monetary donations and items needed.

20. Are there employment opportunities at MHS?
We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our team. For current job openings and to submit an application, please visit https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/get-involved/employment-application/.

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