Return-To-Field (SNR)

Modern animal sheltering has realized that our shelters are not necessarily the best place for cats, especially cats who used to living outdoors. For most healthy impounded stray cats, sterilizing, vaccinating, ear-tipping and returning them to where they were found is a better tactic. This practice, known as return-to-field (RTF) or shelter-neuter-return (SNR), is based on the idea that if these community cats were doing well before entering the shelter, they will do well if they are returned, finding food and support from people in that neighborhood. The fact that a caretaker has not been specifically identified, or that someone in the area does not want the cat around, is not considered a good enough reason to end the cat’s life.

The fundamental problem with euthanasia is it doesn’t work as a way of dealing with community cats. If the goal is reducing the number of cats on the landscape, lowering intake or euthanasia at the shelter, improving public health or receiving fewer complaints about cats, euthanasia has failed to achieve these results in most communities where it has been practiced despite what has often been decades of trying.*

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*”Return-to-Field Handbook“, Humane Society of the United States.


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