Pet Resources/Intervention Program

The Intervention Program is offered to residents of the City of Montgomery and Montgomery County as an alternative to surrendering their pets to the Montgomery Humane Society.  If you are a city/county resident, meet the program’s income requirements, and want to keep your pet, but feel you have no other choice but to surrender, contact the Intervention Program first.  The program temporarily assists pet owners who income qualify.  Services offered include spay/neuter, rabies vaccinations, medical treatment, pet food, behavior training, pet deposit assistance and humane euthanasia. Since March of 2017, the Intervention Program has assisted over 2,300 families with their 4,700+ pets and has spay/neutered over 3,600 animals. For more information, email intervention@montgomeryhumane.comYou may also like our Intervention Program Facebook page for updates about the program.

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