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Closing the No-Kill Cat Gap Together

In October 2022, I wrote a Pet Pause article announcing that we had applied for a Rachel Ray Save Them All Cat Grant to help us fund our Kitten Foster Program and inch closer to our goal of achieving a 90%+ No-Kill Cat Save Rate. The grant was awarded and our phenomenal MHS Community including Team MHS members, MHS board members, foster parents, volunteers, donors, and the Montgomery TNR Community, went to work saving more kittens, both neonate and weaned. At the time, our No-Kill gap, which is the number of additional kittens and adult cats that would need to be saved to reach the No-Kill designation, was 332 cats. I’m very pleased to report that, over the past 12 months, the MHS community has come together and closed this gap by over 200 cats. We are only 99 neonatal kittens away from our goal!

The path we’ve embarked upon since setting our goal has been both challenging and rewarding. Each of you has played an integral role in getting us to where we are today. Your dedication, time, and resources have not only saved countless lives but have also brought us closer to a future where every healthy, treatable cat has the opportunity to live out its natural life and thrive in our community as opposed to having his life needlessly cut short.

However, our journey is not yet complete. The final stretch to achieving No-Kill Cat 2025 lies in securing foster parents for 99 neonatal newborn kittens. These fragile lives require special care and attention that only a nurturing home environment can provide during their first critical weeks of life.

This is where you come in. We are calling on every member of our community—whether you’re a board member, part of the supportive public, an MHS employee, a volunteer, or a member of the TNR community—to consider becoming a newborn unweaned kitten Foster Parent. Your commitment could be the difference that enables us to bridge the gap and achieve our No-Kill Cat 2025 goal.

Fostering a neonatal kitten is a profoundly rewarding experience that not only saves a life but also contributes to a larger movement that champions the welfare and dignity of all animals. The Montgomery Humane Society will provide all necessary training, support, and supplies to ensure that you are fully equipped to care for these vulnerable kittens. By opening your heart and your home, you can help us write the final chapter of our No-Kill Cat 2025 story—a story of compassion, resilience, and hope.

We’ve come so far since October 2022, and with your help, we can close the No-Kill Cat gap. Let’s come together as a community to provide these 99 neonatal kittens with the loving start they deserve. Together, we can achieve our goal and set a standard for animal welfare that reflects the kindness and humanity of our community.

For more information on how to become an unweaned kitten Foster Parent, please visit our website, contact our Foster Program coordinator, or stop by the Montgomery Humane Society. Every act of kindness brings us closer to our goal. Let’s make No-Kill Cat 2025 a reality, together.

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