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Intervention Program Awarded $55,000 Petco Love Grant

We are very grateful to the Petco Love Foundation for once again providing major support to the Shelter Intervention Program. The Shelter Intervention Program’s mission is to significantly reduce animal intakes by helping loving, committed, low-income pet owners with their pets, temporarily, while they are unable to properly care for their pets for some reason. Since its founding in March 2017, the program has assisted over 2,000 families with their 4,300+ pets and completed 3,300 spay/neuters. The program offers services including containment solutions (trolleys, kennels, dog houses), education, medical treatment, pet deposit and pet food assistance, spay/neuter rabies and humane euthanasia. Funds will be utilized for pet supplies such as crates, dog houses, fencing and humane trolleys, bowls, collars, leashes and pet food, pet deposits, fees, and services required by city ordinance for return to owner, medical care including emergency or required surgical interventions, vaccines, prescriptions for chronic illness, heartworm and parasite treatment.

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