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Montgomery Humane Society Announces Detailed Statistics Now Available Online

Montgomery, AL, March 2023 – The Montgomery Humane Society (MHS) is proud to announce that detailed statistics on its operations are now available on its website, https://www.montgomeryhumane.com/about/. These statistics have been published in an effort to increase transparency and promote awareness of the important work that MHS is doing to save dogs and cats in the community.

MHS is committed to saving the lives of dogs and cats and to providing them with the care and support they need. The publication of these statistics is a reflection of this commitment, as it allows the community to see the impact that MHS is having and the progress that is being made.

The statistics cover a range of topics, including the number of animals taken in by MHS, the number of adoptions, and the number of animals euthanized. The data is broken down by month and year, allowing the public to see trends over time.

MHS encourages the community to visit its website to view the statistics and to learn more about the organization’s mission and programs. With the support of the community, MHS can continue to make a difference in the lives of animals in need.

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