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MHS Awarded $10,000 Mightycat Grant

MONTGOMERY, AL, 10/6/23. The Montgomery Humane Society is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded a generous $10,000 Mightycat Grant from the esteemed Orphan Kitten Club. This grant will significantly bolster the society’s Kitten Foster Program, enabling a more comprehensive approach to nurturing and finding forever homes for neonatal and weaned kittens.

The funds from the Mightycat Grant will be utilized to create 50 Kitten Foster Kits, which will be provided to dedicated residents of Montgomery City and County who encounter kittens in need of care. The aim is to encourage fostering efforts, allowing these compassionate individuals to provide a safe and loving environment for kittens until they are prepared for adoption.

“We are immensely grateful to Orphan Kitten Club for this generous grant. Their support will enable us to further our mission in rescuing and caring for kittens, ultimately giving them the best chance at finding loving homes,” said Denton Hawk, spokesperson for the Montgomery Humane Society.

Each Kitten Foster Kit will include essential supplies such as bedding, kitten formula, feeding bottles, toys, and other necessary items to facilitate optimal care. This initiative aims to bridge the lifesaving gap for neonatal and weaned kittens, ensuring their well-being and preparing them for a smooth transition into forever homes.

“By empowering the community with the tools and resources needed to foster kittens, we can collectively make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable felines,” added Denton Hawk. “This grant will undoubtedly enhance our ability to save more lives and enrich the community’s involvement in animal welfare.”

The Montgomery Humane Society extends its heartfelt appreciation to Orphan Kitten Club for their continued dedication to animal welfare and their invaluable support in advancing the Kitten Foster Program. Together, we can create a brighter future for kittens in need.

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